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Epic duo Punt Guns unveil gut-punch remix LP 'RMXd'

Wrapped up in 8 freshly reworked offerings 'RMXd' is a clinical body of work that harks back to pre-millennial dance classics infused with alt-rock angst. Dropped by Punt Guns earlier this year, the duo have came a long way in a short time since their album launch in the latter end of 2020. These remixes add a clubroom element to the band's typical juggernaut rock style.

With remixes from Glen Nicholls, Janette Slack and Future Funk Squad, each track is laced with their own sinister edge - with industrial sounds, rollercoaster breaks and tempered textures.

Usually remix albums proceed new material, but this LP certainly holds its own weight. However if that is the case, we're in for one hell of a ride.


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