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Eric Bolton releases banger 'Neon Soul'

Eric Bolton's vocals pierce through the mix on his latest single 'Neon Soul,' a track that details the journey of self-exploration through a very soulful facade. Tinged with emotion that expresses his well penned vocals, this track was destined to be a single. Heavenly vocal harmonies, melodic guitars and strong drums are all present on this track.

Talking about the single, Eric Bolton shares: “‘Neon Soul’ is a track about needing your inner light to shine really brightly so you can follow it through all the haziness that you may be navigating. Letting that light of the soul be bright neon to lead the way.”

Eric has also announced his upcoming album 'Here Between.' Sonically, the album fuses singer-songwriter sensibilities with stripped back rock sounds and choral elements for an all-encompassing and captivating listening experience. With this very much present on his latest track, we can't wait to hear the full project.


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