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Eric Penn releases the sultry new single ‘Timber’

‘Timber’, the new single from Harlem-based singer/songwriter Eric Penn, is a track laced in wistful romanticism. Eric’s sultry vocals play into themes of lust and love, with the beat following suit through reverberant drums and soulful synth arpeggios. The female vocal features on the track add a contrasting perspective and counter melodies to Penn’s lush vocals.

Eric adds, “As I continue to move deeper into my music journey, I am searching for a specific feeling that resonates before I ever write a word. Art is something that should be expressed freely, and Timber was that for me. Sometimes I become a bit too rigid with creation, and that rigidity tries to camouflage itself with intentionality. The creation of the song was ethereal. It just made itself. It was just something I felt deeply and I didn’t have to force it. I hope that that message is conveyed clearly when you hear the song.”

Eric Penn is a Virginia Beach-born artist who utilises both his pen and passionate singing voice to entice listeners. While Eric has always been known to be more reserved in personality and his approach to making music, the birth of his daughters created a fresh sense of urgency, leading to a slew of new singles from the artist.


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