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Erica-Cody delves into intrusions and assumptions on "Love Like This"

Irish singer-songwriter Erica-Cody handles intrusions into her private life with absolute poise on latest release “Love like this,” a melodic offering led by her husky yet bold vocals, feel-good rhythms and a sultry instrumental to match.

Co-written by Richey McCourt, the song began to come to life after Erica’s stint on Dancing With The Stars, centred around a fierce message around assumptions and infatuation.

The track encourages us to shake off what other people think of you or your life, protect what’s important to you and move ahead in life.

Showcasing a maturity beyond her age of 26, Erica has established herself as a force to be reckoned with, carried by her abilities to spin personal experiences into vulnerable yet empowering snippets that resonate with anyone listening.

Speaking of the track and the inspiration behind it, she said: “Sometimes it's hard to not listen to the outside noise and people's opinions, especially when it comes to something I find so sacred like relationships. Love Like This was my first song I wrote coming out of a writing hiatus while taking part in 'Dancing with the stars'. Being on such a beast of a tv show, suddenly anything I did, or anyone I spent time with was put under a microscope & assumptions grew from there.”

The infectious and intimate number sees Erica take control of her narrative bringing positivity through her solid musical skill, topping off a whirlwind year that saw her charm the nation on Dancing with the Stars and co-host TV show The Main Stage with Danny O’Reilly of The Coronas and most recently playing to a full Heiniken Big Top tent at Indiependence in Cork, Ireland as well as two shows over Dublin Pride Weekend in Vicar Street and the Mother Bloc Party.

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