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Etoile is Evolving: Etoile Marley’s Latest Single Is As Powerful As Ever

Power 2 The Mother is perhaps the most powerful track released by Etoile Marley yet. A mother to two girls and a kick-ass singer-songwriter-performer to boot, Etoile is full of energy and creativity. This latest record showcases the artist’s authenticity while also offering a catchiness that is sure to appeal to a wide-ranging audience. Etoile’s melodic sensibility when it comes to her top-line vocals and sassy lyrics never fail to impress and here, on a track that is highly personal, we are invited into the artist’s world as she muses on her own life as an artist and mum. We love the rawness of Etoile’s theme, coupled with the sleek edge of the production. The track sounds worthy of topping the charts, and we can envision a long and fruitful musical career ahead for Etoile.

We love the way this song begins with it’s hypnotic minimalistic beat and Spanish guitar before we’re hit with Etoile’s sultry vocal. The song then erupts into a glorious chorus with a trap-esque beat and exotic synth hook. Verse 2 sees Etoile singing in her second mother tongue language, French, which is a refreshing addition to the song. We also hear the artist’s versatility with her Verse 3 rap and her unique ability to mix genres within 1 song. We love her defiant attitude towards making music, and her determination to continually evolve within her art. Here’s to a great 2023 for Etoile Marley.

Listen to ‘Power 2 The Mother’:

Etoile’s album ‘Louve’ is released this May 4th.

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