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Etoile Marley’s New Single ‘LockItDown’ Is Magical

Photo credit: Chantal Vaccarini

Catchy, quirky & energetic - Etoile’s Marley latest release ‘LockItDown’ is an absolute gem. If you haven’t yet heard of Marley, this is the Frozzie (French/Australian) artist you need to hear. Etoile takes musical inspiration from artists such as Dusty Springfield, Jeff Buckley, M.I.A and Portishead and is enamoured with pop culture, surrealism and Spoken Word/Rap.

‘LockItDown’ seems so appropriate in these strange times, it adds an element of cheek and humour to a time that can be tough for a lot of us. It’s super catchy too and will have you singing it in the shower for weeks to come. We kept pressing repeat on our Spotify to hear it over and over! The song also has beautiful instrumentation featuring brass, piano and layers of backing vocals. The choruses are soulfully sung, and are contrasting with the rap verses. There is great tension and release throughout.

Writing, co-producing and releasing her own original music whilst building her repertoire and studying full time. Her goal is to be a songwriter for other artists as well as herself. This is an artist who combines her musical and visual worlds so beautifully, and it’s no surprise to find out she is an ex-circus performer!

As the artist explains: “I used to be a professional dancer and circus performer, specializing in HipHop dance, Brazilian Samba, Stilt walking and Skipping. When I moved to London in 2015 I spent a couple of years being a bit lost after badly injuring my back... In 2018 I decided to focus 100% on my passion for music and songwriting.”

‘LockItDown’ is out now to stream on all major platforms: Etoile Marley’s debut EP comes out on November 27th.

Etoile's 6-track EP, featuring previous releases LockItDown and Cuffing Season will be out this 27th November on all major digital platforms!

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