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Etoile Marley's recent EP 'LockItDown' is just what our lockdown needs

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Etoile Marley is officially the fresh soundtrack of lockdown life. With her recently released debut EP ‘LockItDown,’ Etoile is bringing the party to us. Etoile Marley is making waves in the DIY music scene with her genre-blurring brand of pop, hip-hop and bluesy rock. This performing powerhouse, now hailing from London, has previously been an actor, dancer and circus performer and is using every inch of this wide-reaching experience to bring the party to us with her recently released EP. Etoile cites influences in the likes of Dusty Springfield, M.I.A and Portishead as she as she bursts onto the scene with the confidence and bold nature of a musician in their prime.

Crafting catchy choruses and intricate rap lyrics, Etoile is a one-woman party - and there really is nothing we need more right now.

‘LockItDown’ is an insanely impressive debut from the up and coming musician. Each track is oozing with style and sophistication, as Etoile’s sultry vocals stand front and centre. Employing the extensive experience of procure Academic, each track in ‘LockItDown’ boasts a soundscape suited entirely to supporting Etoile’s sensational singing. Etoile flexes every musical muscle throughout this vibrant and vocally outstanding EP as she moves from hip-hop to lo-fi to pop with ease. ‘Do You (OohLaLa)’ is a stand out track from ‘LockItDown.’ Showcasing the rich heritage of Etoile herself, this utterly sexy song is somewhat in French as Etoile’s sultry vocals melt like butter amidst the production. Speaking on this enticing track, Etoile says:

“This is a sexy love tune with the first nudge towards my cultural heritage, the pre-chorus being in French. It’s the 2nd song that Academic and I wrote for the EP and the brief that I gave him was to write something that you would want to hear on the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack! The whole feeling of the song is really about being head over heels for someone but not really knowing if they are feeling the same way and perhaps being too scared to find out.”

Whilst Etoile may be unsure on ‘Do You (OohLaLa)’s character’s sincerity, it’s no grey area on our feelings towards Etoile. We love her. So this month, let Etoile Marley whisk you into her world of electric energy and good vibes as she spices up our lockdowns with the lively ‘LockItDown’.

Watch ‘Cuffing Season’ Music Video below.

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