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Eugenia Post Meridiem release stunning eclectic sophomore album 'like i need a tension'

Vibrant indie psychedelic Italian four-piece Eugenia Post Meridiem create music that is just as intriguing as their name suggests. After a year of teasing brilliant new singles such as 'willpower' and 'around my neck', they have finally released their longly awaited second record, 'like i need a tension'.

The band infect you with their progressive and ever changing sound, and focus single 'crucial spring' is the perfect example. Inadvertently luring you in with the clever percussively led instrumentation amongst the clever and haunting vocals makes for an individual and intoxicating delivery. Think Ben Howard mixed with Christine and the Queens and Eugenia Post Meridiem arrives with a softly melancholic combination.

Tension is a powerful force. It drives things forwards, its friction producing interesting and unexpected results. Above all, it fuels creativity, inspiring and focusing in equal measure.”

Other new highlights include 'unchained will' which is a dark and haunting indie psych track that transcends beyond the norm, with this 8 track record holding so much to love and discover with each listen.

Listen to 'like i need a tension' in full here:


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