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Eurekas continue to impressive with second single ‘Ivy’

Newport newcomers Eurekas have been making a name for themselves across South Wales, with an impressive live reputation. Their first single ‘Made You Look’ was well received by radio, including BBC 6 Music legend Steve Lamacq and US titans Sirius FM. The band was started by joint-lead singers Jack Perrett and Dan Burridge in 2021, realising their combined creative talents created a magic they could not achieve solo.

‘Ivy’ the second single from Eurekas, is a classic rock track with just enough modern sprinkle to appeal to the new age of indie-rock fans. Crunchy, overlapping guitar riffs are laid over a simple but driving drum part. Lyrically, our protagonist calls out ‘Ivy’, hoping for attention and obsessing over this mysterious figure. With the vocals continuing to outline this lovesick frustration with a gritty performance. Overall, the track is laced in nostalgia that leads to a final product that will undoubtedly get stuck in your head.

Co-lead singer Dan shares, “This was one of the very first songs that myself and Jack sat down to write, a while before we started Eurekas. Jack had a bit more songwriting experience than myself at that time and I was really impressed with the way that he seemed to pluck the melody out of thin air without any delay. In terms of sound, the song pays homage to some of our early favourites going up - you’ll recognise them. The Beatles, The Kinks et al. Lyrically, the song is just about pining for a girl, so nothing novel topically. But I love that - the idea of writing a very straightforward pop song with a traditional theme, particularly so early on in our career as a band. It’s catchy, and seems to strike a chord with crowds whenever we play it live. We couldn’t ask for more really.”



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