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Eva Westphal returns with the spellbinding new single 'Adult'

Ever since she first emerged, New York's Eva Westphal has been on a stellar rise. Turning out a wealth of rich and emotive offerings as often as possible, she is now looking to deliver more of those wondrous ideals as she returns with her spellbinding new single 'Adult'.

Fresh off the back of releasing her highly-praised EP 'Proud Of Me' earlier this year, this new outing sees her unveil a softer and more humbled approach to her distinctive direction. With her warm and heartfelt vocals spread across a tender alt-pop production from start to finish, 'Adult' sees her venture down a more heartwarming avenue than most, resulting in one of her most captivating offerings yet.

Her journey so far has certainly been filled with plenty of innovation and self-discovery, but it feels like Eva Westphal is beginning something new here. Developing her already immersive aesthetic and bringing in a more enchanting appeal throughout, 'Adult' is the next step forward in her musical evolution to date.

Enjoy 'Adult' below.


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