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Evan Isaac reveals mystical music video for ‘Love Always Surrounds Us’

Multi-talented Evan Isaac has revealed a mystical music video for his track ‘Love Always Surrounds Us’, which appears on his album ‘Dogwood Dignitaries Listen to the Baby’, released last year. Presenting supernatural themes, an engaging set design, and iridescent lighting, this enticing visual perfectly complements Evan’s dynamic alt-pop release.

Speaking of the song, Evan says: “This song was recorded during the beginning of the Covid-19 quarantine of 2020. It is an ode to creating space for someone you care about when they need you to lend an ear. It was mixed by good friend and collaborator Sidharth Gupta of Shoals in New Delhi, India.”

A natural performer, when Evan Isaac takes the stage he never fails to illuminate the room. He brings his honest perception of everyday life into being through his art-pop tracks, which are interwoven with layers of classic rock, hip-hop, and different era's of pop and world music. Evan’s listeners are ushered into a world of vulnerability and joy through his original soundscapes.



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