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Eve Simpson explores escapism and vulnerability on new track ‘I Can See a Face’

Soak up the purity of Eve Simpsons vocals on sparking new single ‘I Can See a Face’, as she narrates her honest words perfectly over cinematic instrumentation.

A folk-infused waltz at its core, the song shows off Eve’s adept songwriting skills, as she delves into her thoughts and shares these with her listeners.

The song’s yearning melodies are simply irresistible, signaling a triumphant debut for the young artist!

Talking about the new track, Eve Simpson shares: “I wrote ‘I Can See a Face’ in my student flat overlooking the Salisbury Crags last year. It was a Winter's night, and I allowed my mind to wander as it did when I was a child, bursting into imaginative nostalgia and escapism. I saw my childhood self within the inanimate crags, longing for human interaction and acceptance. This child-like fantasy runs throughout the whole song, whispered when recorded at the SAE Institute in Glasgow, and later finished at Loft Music Studios, Newcastle. It embraces vulnerability within a new Caledonian setting, and perhaps hints at the longing to maintain the person we've always been when moving to new places. It tries to combine honest songwriting, with haunting escapism, accompanied by my friends on production, fiddle, and percussion.”

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