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Evol Walks reveal exhilarating single 'Gun & a Crucifix'

Hard-hitting rockers Evol Walks are back with energetic new release 'Gun & a Crucifix'. Empowering and iconic in all the right places, the track is armed with an elevating soundscape that will instantly get you on your feet headbanging along to its infectious rhythm. Channelling the energy of Halestorm while still sounding innovative and comes across as a positive addition to the world of heavy rock, this is definitely one of the best releases of 2021. Speaking about the new release, Leah shares, “Gun & a Crucifix is about the dichotomy between dark and light and the constant struggle for power between these two energies. When writing it, I was envisioning the inexplicable yet enigmatic pull of a Cult leader and exploring that a little. This song was a live song we have always played and I finally had the chance to work on it in Stockholm, Sweden this year with producer Chris Wetterström."

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