• Ami Row

Experience French Alps Tiger's Raw Energy on New Release 'Punch In The Bowl'

Returning with their signature sound on new single 'Punch in The Bowl', Welsh-four piece French Alps Tiger are back and in a big way. 'Punch In The Bowl' combines raw elements of alternative and garage rock, creating a warm nostalgic vibe to this energetic anthem. Demonstrating the unmistakable force of the band, 'Punch In The Bowl' is an absolute necessity in your new finds playlist.

Recorded DIY in a friend’s garage studio in Swansea, Wales and mixed and mastered by Chris Dimas (Surf Dads, Bleeker) out in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, the track brings a ‘FIDLAR meets Pixies’ relationship to their sound and emulates a 90s-grunge appeal.

“Punch In the Bowl is our fun, wavey, party anthem." - Russ

Named after the elusive tiger found only in the French Alps of South Wales, they like writing music that reminds them of being kids and playing shows that remind you too. Mixing fun energetic rhythms with raw melodies, wavey guitars and lyrics about your mum.

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