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Experience sheer tranquility on the debut album ‘Daylight Sipping’ by Burlington

With the sound of pure summer delight bathed in feel-good commercial sensibilities, this South African singer-songwriter's passion for music has always been present. Burlington, who only started performing last year, is ready to launch his pop career with his debut full-length album 'Daylight Sipping,' which is jam-packed with addictive melody lines, driving rhythms, and singable melodies, creating a mesmerising record that will leave you breathless.

Telling us about the album, Burlington shares:

“I wrote this album over the space of about 3 years on and off with life getting in the way sometimes! The earliest song “River Blue” was started when I was on holiday in South Africa sitting on a balcony overlooking the ocean but I only wrote the chorus at the end of last year back in the Uk. The last song that was written was “Isn’t it a Funny Life” which was written in February, it was written after a crazy night out which ends with the sunrise being watched with mates and that’s exactly what it’s about. I feel like there are soundtracks to different experiences in my life which makes it very personal but at the same time listeners can relate to the songs just the same!”

With sounds of sheer glee and feel-good spirit neatly packed in the 11-track album, the self-taught writer-turned-producer with an eclectic blend of influences is ready to steal your hearts, earning his pop-powerhouse moniker. ‘Daylight Sipping’ is out now!


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