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Faith Louise Drops Powerful New Pop Anthem 'Boss'

Faith Louise has added another stellar single to her impressive discography in the form of her high energy bop ‘Boss’.

‘Boss’ is a song that projects a powerful message of empowerment and strength amongst women. An incredibly important message, especially at a time where women are so underrepresented in the industry and an encouraging display of the 15 year old singers ability to take on the industry in a fierce manner. Making full use of playful synths and booming percussion the song is a lively and emotive pop anthem with powerful vocals that soar throughout the tracks length.

Talking about the songs meaning, Faith states, “Boss is a Girl Power Inspired track, produced, written and recorded entirely by females, with females being so underrepresented in the music industry at this time, this song is here to showcase what women can do!”

Faith found success from day one with her debut release ‘Breakthrough’ being very well received and garnering over 4 thousand streams on Spotify as well as 13 thousand views on the accompanying video on youtube. She has played at many major events and is a regular fixture at Basildon Pride events.

At just 15 the world is her oyster, constantly working and shaping her sound, the potential is limitless for the Essex based artist.

Listen To 'Boss' Here ;



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