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  • Alice Smith

Female-Rock Band 'Velvet Two Stripes' Release Latest Album "No Spell For Moving Water"

The highly anticipated album "No Spell For Moving Water" from the three-piece female rock group Velvet Two Stripes is a testament to the band's ever-evolving raw rock sound. Comprising sisters Sophie and Sara Diggelmann on vocals and guitar, along with Franca Mock on bass, the band's determination to forge ahead is palpable in this nine-track offering.

With a band history spanning 15 years, Velvet Two Stripes have solidified their constant momentum. As Sara aptly puts it, "Nothing can hold us back anymore." Their unique ability to navigate between the underground and mainstream music scenes is a result of their personal familiarity and their fearless spirit to experiment and push boundaries. The album's title, "No Spell For Moving Water," embodies their resilient and magical ethos, signifying that flowing water remains unscathed by evil spells; it keeps moving, bypassing every obstacle in its path, ultimately staying free.

The album's inception took place during a series of trips across a rusty railway bridge on the Columbia River, leading them to the recording studio in the summer of 2022. With only two songs completed, the rest remained as sketches on their mobile phones and ideas in their heads. This unique process of creation under pressure lends a distinct freshness to the album, a quality that permeates every track.

"No Spell For Moving Water" showcases the band's most multi-faceted work to date. With contemporary elements of pop and the contribution of rock luminaries Vance Powell (known for mixing The White Stripes and Buddy Guy) and Pete Lyman (known for mastering Tom Waits and Weezer), the album caters to fans of The Kills, Deap Vally, The Dead Weather, and The White Stripes.


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