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Fettuccine’s debut single ‘Sent Before Sundown’ is drenched with nostalgia.

Since the unmistakable impact of the global pandemic in 2020, music has diversified and altered significantly. Fettuccine, an electronic pop musical duet, is living proof that the intimate and real experience of recording music from home has allowed musicians to explore new material, new forms, and develop art without limitations. Their debut single, 'Sent Before Sundown,' is all you'd want it to be, inspired by music and memories from before everything changed. Sarah Law's soft voice and feeling of reminiscence contrast with the dark and brooding synth echoed effects, and UK garage-driven beat. Not only will 'Sent Before Sundown' make you nostalgic for those days, but it will also revive and soothe your nostalgia.

Speaking about the new release, the duo shares:

‘‘It started as something to do in lockdown 2021. I turned up at Sarah's house with an audio interface and said 'you're learning Ableton'. From there we would send half-baked songs to each other and build on the production. It was a fun way to make music together without being in the same room. Our zoom and wine sessions were a substitute for social outings each week. It started off as something to do without intent and there was no pressure on the project, so we did anything we wanted to do in terms of production and songwriting. Because we had no one watching over us whilst recording or making production decisions, we really took the time to find our own style and voice in the music. Eventually, it got to the point where we had a full body of work and all the songs felt really good together. ‘

The electronic pop collaboration between Fettuccine's duet Abell and Sarah Law began with no clear objective in mind other than to provide an escape from the world's turmoil. Eliminating conventional songwriting parameters allowed the duo to experiment with distorted soundscapes and ambient vocals, giving 'Sent Before Sundown' a distinct electronic undertone that invites you to explore that wistful feeling.


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