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FLEX FINDS - 22nd September 2023

Mary Helen Margaret - ‘Watching me giving birth to a vacuum’

After cementing herself with a string of vibrant offerings these last few months, California-based artist Mary Helen Margaret returns once again with this warm and breezy alt-pop delight.

Tiam Wills - ‘Destiny’

With his eagerly-awaited new album set to land later this year, Lyon-based producer Tiam Wills keeps the vibes high once again with this bright and soul-infused electronic bop.

Modeste - ‘Queen’

After the rousing response to his much-loved debut single ‘Atmosphere’ earlier this year, fast-rising artist Modeste continues his vibrant ascent with this rich and shimmering neo-soul groove.

Vanessa Weisz - ‘child of insecurity’

After spending the last few years on a wildly-prolific run of new music releases, Solvakian artist Vanessa Weisz continues to shine as she delivers this broad and immersive slice of alt-pop gold.

Larry Thomas Moore Jr. - ‘Lovely Eyes’

Having already planted the seeds of his career with a strong and powerful introduction earlier this year, country-inspired artist Larry Thomas Moore Jr. is back once again with this warm and heartfelt new swoon.



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