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FLEX FINDS - 23rd February 2024

Marsha Swanson - ‘Mahler’s Letter Of Intent And Alma Mahler’s Lament’

After recently releasing her highly-praised new album ‘Near Life Experience’ in recent months, progressive artist Marsha Swanson now looks to showcase her latest full-length with this wondrous new video featuring two of the record’s stellar highlights.

brian&matt - ‘SAY THE WORD’

Having already established themselves with a fun and lively approach to the pop-punk sound in recent years, fast-rising duo brian&matt are back on the grind once again with this anthemic new stunner.

Mo Bedick - 'Cemetery Caretaker’

After a run of rich and impassioned releases these last few months, Dutch outfit Mo Bedick continue their warm and illustrious ascent as they deliver this sweet and dreamy indie-rock groove.

D. Green - ‘Made For Loving’

After recently returning with his stunning comeback single ‘Gravitational Pull’ late last year, LA-based artist D. Green is back on the grind once again with this warm and inviting neo-soul delight.

Jess Hunter - ‘Anhedonia’

Having already cemented herself as one of the more exciting names on the rise recently, London-based artist Jess Hunter returns to the fold once again with this rich and shimmering pop ballad.


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