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FLEX FINDS - 25th March 2022

Gloreymi – ‘We Don’t Need Nobody’

Heavily inspired by the legendary names in the R&B scene over the years, Rhode Island-based artist Gloreymi is looking to do her heroes proud on this warm and inviting new release.

Nick Henderson – ‘No U’

Having showcased his worth with a flurry of enticing gems over the last few years, LA-based singer and songwriter Nick Henderson is back once again with this bright and charming pop-rock delight.

James Aaron – ‘3 Words’

After finding enormous praise for a string of vibrant offerings to date, fast-rising artist James Aaron delivers more of the goods on this euphoric soul-infused stunner.

Aridonis – ‘Hard Mode’

Known for his DIY ethos across a number of releases already, Vancouver-based artist Aridonis is returning to his distinctive direction on this bright and vibrant new gem.

Innate Your – ‘I Climb Mountains’ ft. Mercy Vander

Known his bold and effervescent approach to production, Brisbon-based artist and producer Innate Your makes a stellar return on this fresh and sun-kissed electronic delight.

Banggz – ‘Who’s Gassing Who?’

Channelling a broad and diverse approach to production with everything he touches, fast-rising Nigeria-born but Canada-based rapper Banggz is bringing the fire once again on this pulsing new jam.

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