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FLEX FINDS - 28th July 2023

Lily Hain - ‘Spicy’

With an already impressive run of releases under her belt these last few months, emerging New York-based artist Lily Hain now looks to preview her upcoming debut album with this vibrant alt-pop gem.

Honeydrip - ‘OTF’

Having already established themselves as a wonderfully fresh and jovial name on the rise recently, Australian outfit Honeydrip continue those infectious ideals on this spellbinding slice of soul-infused gold.

The Corner Store - ‘This That Shit’

With their other projects Roe’s Garden and The New Hippies showcasing some wonderfully inventive aesthetics, hip-hop duo The Corner Store explore a new identity on this pulsing new offering.

Ruby Dice - ‘Let’s Get Married’

Known for her beautifully composed and arranged releases these last few years, US singer-songwriter Ruby Dice continues those dreamy vibes on this warm and humbled new delight.

Koala Karlus - ‘Patience’

Having already amassed millions of streams for his confident efforts these last few years, fast-rising artist Koala Karlus looks to continue his upward ascent on this progressive new single.


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