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FLEX FINDS - 29th October 2021

Club Noir – ‘Freak’

After delivering their much-loved single ‘Reload’ earlier this year, Phoenix-based rap collective Club Noir get us ready for Halloween with this dark and pulsing hip-hop jam.

Ian Huschle – ‘I Didn’t Know’

After a string of exciting offerings over the last few months, emerging singer and songwriter Ian Huschle showcases his new album ‘Had A Vision Once’ with this woozy new delight.

Wicked Garden – ‘Bipolarcoaster’

With a driven array of alt-rock belters throughout the last few months, Las Vegas-based outfit Wicked Garden now offer up their new mini-album ‘Bipolarcoaster’ alongside its driven title-track.

LaVo – ‘Enemy’

Known for his rich and subtle blend of alt-pop and psych-rock qualities on previous releases, LA-based artist LaVo delivers more of that captivating sound on his breezy new release.

BIM – ‘I Still Remember’

Following up the success behind her brilliant effort ‘O.T.R.’ in recent months, London-based singer and songwriter BIM showcases more of her powerful voice on this sweeping new groove.

Edenhill – ‘Lost Control’

Having already impressed so many with his shimmering array of cuts over the last few months, London-based artist Edenhill makes a bold return on this driven and 80s inspired alt-pop stunner.

Apollo Knight – ‘Involved’ ft. Nazir Majia

After making enormous waves with his smooth and intoxicating offerings in recent times, US artist Apollo Knight is alluring us back into his fold once again with this bouncing RnB-inspired gem.

L.A. – ‘Death Of Me’

Known for her diverse blend of alt-pop textures and a more atmospheric production, emerging artist L.A. is back on the grind with this glitchy new jam.



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