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FLEX FINDS - 4th August 2023

Paradise Walk - ‘Talk Talk Talk’

With an already impressive array of releases under their belt these last few years, Welsh duo Paradise Walk return once again to deliver their latest slice of warm and euphoric alt-pop gold.

Muo Duo - ‘Brainwaves’

Having already cemented themselves as one of the more exciting names on the rise right now, New York-based Muo Duo continue their vibrant ascent with this pulsing alt-pop stunner.

ION - ‘Xeno’

Known for his broad and immersive compositions these last few years, London-based producer ION continues his innovative ideals on this smooth and passionate electronic delight.

Sonya Glass - ‘Horoscope’

Having spent the last few years building a wonderfully rich and enticing direction for herself, emerging singer-songwriter Sonya Glass is back on the grind once again to offer up her latest acoustic-led swoon.

WALWIN - ‘Famous’

Having already built up a huge following under his self-described “elder emo” moniker, Essex-based artist WALWIN is back to his stunning best once again as he unleashes this euphoric pop-rock belter.



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