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Floral Image release signature sounding E.P “So Synthesised”

Floral Image have managed to gather an international fanbase with their unique take on psychedelic music. Formed in 2019, the band have endured one of their most successful years yet, and they’re only pushing further. Floral Image have gathered the support of huge tastemakers such as Huw Stephens and Jamz Supernova.

The band are back with their highly anticipated E.P “So Synthesised.” Featuring highly regarded previous singles such as “Babe & The Devil,” the E.P sheds light on new track “Voices.” As colourful as ever, "Voices" features thrashing drums, infectious guitar lines and heartwarming vocals.

Speaking about the E.P, they say: “Recorded across the bedrooms, basements and barns that we could get our hands on during the comeback summer of 2022, we explored the potential of primitive voice recordings and improvised jams to put together what we felt was a cohesive collection of material that still harnessed our wide ranging influences. Though in order to satiate our desire for attaining a sound somewhat resembling a cosmic soup, we soon realised that we required assistance from rare analog synths, rusty baking trays and the calming ambience of Radio Norfolk football commentary. Having been influenced greatly by artists who both record and produce their own releases, we are proud to have done the same ourselves; despite the lack of sleep and general malaise in every other aspect of life (sorry to anyone who was abandoned in the making of this E.P).”

With music such as this, and an energy-drenched live show, Floral Image should be on your radar.



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