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Follow Kaysien's Journey With New EP 'Elements'

British artist and instrumentalist Kaysien continues his musical saga by releasing his new 4-track EP ‘Elements’. This new release stands as a follow-up to his 10-part journey shared through illustration and music. ‘Elements’ takes Kaysien into new sonic territory in an introspective dive into self-identity with the simple, shamanic titles ‘Air’ ‘Earth’ ‘Water’ & ‘Fire’. The artist embraces his mixed-race heritage (Afro-Indo Caribbean/English) and brings elements of all cultures into his music. This EP serves as a contemplative journey for Kaysien as it was produced in a quest to find out where he fits in terms of cultural and musical expression.

For the artist, it is all about expressing various things through music. Talking about the EP, Kaysien says: "Each of the four tracks expresses an Element of identity, whether that’s through a particular rhythm, the tone of an instrument or the arrangement choices. It is also a way to express artistic integrity. I’m an advocate for mental health. So many people from all different walks of life are struggling and I wanted to offer a small musical sanctuary in ‘Elements’ with the aim to soothe, uplift and energise listeners if only for the briefest of moments."

Listen below:



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