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Friend Of A Friend dazzle on their captivating new single 'nothingforme'

Photo: Eli Chavez

When Chicago natives Friend Of A Friend released their breakthrough debut album 'In Arms' in 2022, they found themselves as one of the more immersive names to grow during that year. And with a wealth of riveting releases in the years and months since, they recently delivered their hotly-tipped sophomore LP 'FACILITIES', featuring the captivating new single 'nothingforme'.

While usually ones to explore a more tender and emotive aesthetic within their sound, this new outing sees them venture down a broader and more enigmatic avenue. Brimming with this rich and dreamlike production that perfectly suits their ethereal songwriting nature, 'nothingforme' cements itself as one of their more transportive efforts to date.

With already so much love and praise for them over the years, Friend Of A Friend are never keen to rest on their laurels, and the innovation behind 'nothingforme' is proof of that. Embarking on some wildly adventurous pursuits here, they are continuing their reputation as true innovators on the rise right now.



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