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Garland Kelley offers up the wonderfully warm new single 'Mortal'

Ever since he first emerged with his breakthrough debut single 'A Mind Of Your Own' near the start of the year, Nashville's Garland Kelley has been on an exceptional rise. Churning out a wealth of warm and inviting efforts these last few months, he is back to his best once again as he delivers his wonderfully warm new offering 'Mortal'.

Honing in on more of that sweet and alluring direction he has been working towards in recent times, his newest outing is a beautifully endearing return for the artist. With its sweet and subtle emotions layered across a sweeping pop-rock production throughout, 'Mortal' is the latest in a run of impressive gems that truly show off his songwriting prowess.

Despite only beginning his journey at the start of this year, 'Mortal' has more power and heartfelt energy most couldn't muster up in a lifetime. Bringing together this brilliantly broad and diverse approach with him as well, we can't wait to see where he plans to take his sound next.

Enjoy 'Mortal' below.



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