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Gary Dranow brings the grooves on new single '18, It's Alright'

It has almost been too difficult to keep up with the Gary Dranow express that has been travelling like a juggernaut throughout the new music scene in recent months. With such a broad and distinctive appeal to everything he does, he continues to bring the grooves on his latest effort '18, It's Alright'.

With his repertoire of singles already well into double figures so far this year, it still surprises us that he can find new and exciting aesthetics in which to develop, but that is exactly what '18, It's Alright' has going for it. Brimming with rich and swaggering guitar solos and a killer rhythm that looks to get your hips shaking, he continues his journey in fine form throughout.

It doesn't seem like Gary Dranow is looking to slow down any time soon, and why would we want him to?! He has already treated us to some brilliantly passionate releases these last few months, and '18, It's Alright' adds to that illustrious tenure with vigour and aplomb at every turn.

Enjoy '18, It's Alright' below.


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