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Gary Dranow continues his ascent on vibrant new single 'SELF SACRIFICE'

In the last few weeks and months, US artist Gary Dranow has been seen as one of the more explosive names to step foot across the scene. Blending a heady mix of rip-roaring alt-rock aesthetics with more tender moments laced throughout, he is now looking to continue that impressive run with the thunderous new single 'SELF SACRIFICE'.

Taking his conventional approach to the rock dynamic and injecting some powerful emotion throughout this new outing, he is returning to us with some of his most passionate ideas yet. Doubling down on those immersive textures that have served him so well in recent months, 'SELF SACRIFICE' shows that there is still plenty of fresh and ingenious concepts in which for him to explore here.

There has hardly been a moment in which Gary Dranow hasn't been blowing us away, and 'SELF SACRIFICE' is no exception to that rule. Ferocious and emotive in equal measure, he continues his vibrant ascent across this pounding new anthem.

Enjoy 'SELF SACRIFICE' below.


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