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Gary Dranow continues to make his mark with new single 'Chaos'

If there has been one defining feature of Gary Dranow's tenure of late, it is to expect the unexpected. Having turned out a wealth of dynamic releases in recent months, he very rarely follows the same vein, usually opting for a unique direction in which to pursue each time. And with that in mind, he now returns with the soaring new single 'Chaos'.

Much like what his songwriting has been showcasing lately, his newest outing follows an emotive political message at its core. Delving deep into the disfunction within the US Republican Party in recent years, 'Chaos' blends a heady mix of euphoric alt-rock textures and passionate emotion to create one of his most captivating efforts yet.

These last few months have been some of the most prolific times of any artist, but Gary Dranow's raw power always manages to make itself known. Brimming with an unbridled and unwavering energy, may his reign continue far beyond into the future as well.

Enjoy 'Chaos' below.

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