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Gary Hempsey Lets Us Into His Weird & Wonderful World On 'Ganja Gnomes'

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Singer-songwriter Gary Hempsey offers a weird and wonderful adventure on his unique and quirky new single ‘Ganja Gnomes’ released via Florida's Conch Town Records.

Bringing together surreal story telling, delivered with a folk tinted manor amidst a warming bluegrass-come-americana soundscape, 'Ganja Gnomes' is a humorous, light hearted and yet impactful and musically rich offering showcasing Gary’s musical maturity and ability to craft warming organic soundscapes. As the track progresses, it introduces a more psychedelic edge with wahwah tinted guitar and subtle vocal processing. Speaking about the tracks story, Gary shares: “I was in my studio and went out into the yard. I have a few old garden gnomes out there kinda hidden in a bush, I looked at his face and noticed another one that the bush grew around so I thought these guys have lived here for a long while. Then my imagination ran a bit wild…

I thought up a scene where they were listening to the music from the studio and came to life. I started writing as if they were the garden keepers who also like to party - They take care of the garden but also grow pot on a very high level. So I made up characters and made them into a band. I took a guitar outside and started writing, I thought they would play bluegrass with an electric twist so I did what bluegrass doesn’t do - I added drums and electric guitar, Haha, like Zappa meets bluegrass. It’s a fun song that’s very upbeat with characters that come to life.”

Listen & watch below:


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