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Gavin Haley collaborates with Izzy Bizu on new single 'Self Control'

Following on from the release of his latest EP 'Unfolding' via Red Bull Records earlier this year, emerging singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Gavin Haley has now returned to showcase one of the collection's standout offerings 'Self Control'.

Teaming up with the ever-impressive Izzy Bizu, 'Self Control' sees the duo unveil a wonderfully bright and sweeping release, highlighting his own sweet and supple approach to songwriting.

Speaking about the EP, Gavin said, “The Unfolding EP is me being more vulnerable with everyone. The idea for this project was to shine a light on the things I had yet to share with the world in my writing. In my past songs, a lot of times I'm singing of relationship turmoil, but I've never really gone into what could have caused a lot of those issues. Unfolding is a series of growing pains through music. Sonically, I feel this is the most authentic music I've made. I grew up in church, but I also raced bikes and listened to rap music when I could hide it from my family. I feel like I brought elements to this music from every area I've drawn inspiration from, but still staying me. Each song is its own story, and I hope this project connects with the people who find it and brings us closer. I wrote Unfolding almost entirely in a few days.”

Additionally, speaking of the single Bizu adds, "When I first heard 'Self Control,' I really loved the cute acoustic nostalgic feel! Reminded me of the times when you’re head over heels for someone at the first glance and all the impulsive things you do because of that! Was so fun to be a part of this track, hope you enjoy x"

Watch the new video for 'Self Control' below.


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