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Genre-bending artists Muo Duo return with their latest offering 'Ruby Rose'

Brother-sister duo, Muo Duo, are no new face to the music scene, gaining a well-earned reputation within the pop, indie and hip-hop realm. Last year welcomed a series of sure-fire collaborations alongside legends including Chicago rapper Ausar, Mick Jenkins, Casshan and Guapdad 4000 across their 6-track EP 'Tasting Menu'.

Gaining serious heat with notable publications like Wonderland, Notion and most recently Clash, their new release 'Ruby Rose' their first stand-alone single since last year showcases the incredible talents' ability to crossover into any genre with that trademark Muo Duo essence that they are best known for.

'Ruby Rose' is an empowering and flawless addition to Muo Duo's discography. It details searching for an 'ideal' and leaving everything behind in the process, whilst eclectic beats fuse with innovative percussion and slick guitar riffs for the ultimate listening experience. It feels like a divine track, ready for the summer and warmer days ahead.


Check out Muo Duo's single 'Ruby Rose'


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