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Genre Defining DANNY GOO Drops ‘Blackout Summer’

DANNY GOO is back with a brand-new emotively driven single called ‘Blackout Summer’.

DANNY GOO is a rising star amidst a new generation of indie artists who transcend genre. His charming vocals blend plainspoken emotional vulnerability with intimate minimalist pop and soothing postmodern R&B.

‘Blackout Summer’ which features Lil Lotus and was Produced by Jojo Centineo is a track which embraces the pure moment that it was created.

“I was writing at my friends’ studio every day for like a week. It was a bunch of homies together, my producer JoJo Centineo was making songs with different artists all night. I think he was four songs in when he pulled up the beat for blackout summer and said across the room ‘Yo Danny this ones for you, it’s different tho so you gotta do it right.’”, explains DANNY.

DANNY GOO is on a simple mission to spread peace, love and positivity. With the release of ‘Blackout Summer’ we are set to see Danny reach new heights for being one of the most innovative new artists around.

Stream 'Blackout Summer' worldwide now;

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