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Gentlemen's Crow bring psychedelia to the table in new LP 'Apparitions'

Florida based alternative band Gentlemen’s Crow have followed up with their debut LP, Apparitions. With its wildly energetic jams and poetic lyrics, Apparitions is an album that merges the lines of indie and post-punk, creating a unique sound that will transport listeners to a scenery of smoke filled alleys and neon lights following you home.

Sharing in the excitement of the band’s release, vocalist and songwriter Cameron James tells us: “This LP is our first full and complete work. The songs held within are unapologetically a mix of all the things that each of us love about retro and modern rock. There's tinges of 80's pop rock, 90's grunge, 00's palm desert/indie, and modern post/alternative. We spent two years preparing this for the world, and it's our passion project album.

I think when you play through from start to finish you go on this sonic adventure that has so many peaks and valleys, and I don't think that you're able to have expectations of what comes next in the tracklist. Our recording engineer (Brok Mende) said, ‘It tricks the listener through and through.’ I found this to be perfect as the description for this LP.”

From happiness to betrayal, each track is a reflection of the emotions that rise during the different stages of life. Whether it be the joy and fear that comes with romance or the anxiety that comes with adulthood, the band wanted to create an album that would embody these different emotions.



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