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George Croucher releases tender single ‘Never Really Gone’

George Croucher is back with a new single entitled ‘Never Really Gone’. Deeply melancholic, his vocal performance is passionate throughout, soaring above the instrumentation and slowly progressing into an uplifting but bittersweet anthem as the track goes on. Strings, acoustic guitar and drums all play into the orchestral cinema that the track takes on towards its climax. In its video, the visuals showcase George’s deep connection to the track, and the feelings that go alongside it.

Speaking on the single, George shares, “Never Really Gone is a single which has been a long time coming. With the original desire to write a pop hit, I’ve ended up with a song I have a strong emotional relationship with.

I set out with a tactical vision as a songwriter to write a song which would be engaging to the masses. We went through a process of nailing down what that looks like, but I believe we came out with something much better: A song from the heart, to the heart.

When we got in the studio, Angus was already three steps ahead. He had ideas and visions of how to elevate what I had made into what we have now. He was a joy and pleasure to work with and I think the song speaks in volumes of the talent Angus holds.”

Bournemouth-hailing singer and instrumentalist George Croucher weaves stories of loss and love into his track through his silky tenor vocals. After releasing the album ‘Notes About You’ in 2022 he has gone on to embark on a wave of professional songwriting appointments. Alongside recording his solo music, George is collaborating and performing, growing his audience as he does so.



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