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Gian Varela collaborates with techno powerhouse Laidback Luke in 'Ponme Loco'

Emerging producer and DJ Gian Varela is becoming one of the fastest risers in the dance scene right now, and implements his Latin roots into his unique fusion of sounds. He has taken on new levels in this track by combining with the one and only Laidback Luke, a name familiar to almost everyone who listens and loves house music.

A tune that has already been played at TomorrowLand mainstage and many more throughout the summer of festivals, 'Ponme Loco', Spanish for 'Get Me Crazy' feels like a perfect blend of these two household names. The arpeggiated synths and huge drops are synonymous of Laidback Luke's sound, alongside Varela's sampled vocals by Melfi transcend it to a huge offering, full of surprises at each drop. Check out this massive house track which is out now!

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