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GiaNina shares stunning pop ballad 'Everything But You and Me'

GiaNina is a name that may seem familiar already. The 15 year old artist has an astonishing amount of accolades already tucked firmly under her belt, and as she branches out into the music industry, it begs the question as to what she can’t do. With her new single ‘Everything But You and Me’ brimming with talent far beyond her years, she is one that is expected to blossom continuously throughout her career.

The New Jersey native’s angelic vocals soar above a delicate acoustic guitar melody, as peppered drum pads add a punch of percussion that resonates with the emotional lyricism. Shimmering in its simplicity, it truly showcases the powerful range that GiaNina has to offer, and following on from her stellar debut release ‘Talk’, proves that she didn’t come to play. Elaborating on the track, GiaNina explains, “Everything But You and Me” is about loss, longing and dealing with the battle in your head knowing it’s time to move on but your heart is not quite ready. From its inception, I knew this song was special and wanted to make sure every detail lyrically and musically was perfect. With all the extra time, care, and work, I couldn’t be more proud of the final product.”

With appearances on Broadway, Dance Moms and even The Greatest Showman amongst some of her neverending accomplishments, GiaNina has a work ethic that seems somewhat extraordinary, however it displays her determination and dedication to what she loves to do; perform. A social media sensation with a follower count in the multi-millions, she is well on her way to adding popstar to her list of achievements.

Listen to 'Everything But You and Me' here:

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