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Giant Killers make triumphant return with their charming 90s sound in "When This Time Is Over"

Giant Killers have made a triumphant return with their new single "When This Time is Over," released on May 24th via Little Genius Recordings. This release comes hot on the heels of their debut album, "Songs For The Small Places," which finally saw the light of day nearly three decades after it was recorded. The album's release in January was met with critical acclaim, a response that surprised and delighted the band.

"When This Time is Over" is the first single from the album, presented as part of a unique Double A side, Double B side EP available across all digital platforms. Notably, at least 25% of all proceeds from sales through Bandcamp will benefit the suicide prevention charity Campaign Against Living Miserably, adding a layer of meaningful contribution to the release.

The band, composed of songwriters Jamie Wortley (guitar, keys, lead vocals) and Michael Brown (bass, keys, brass, vocals), originally signed to MCA Records in 1995. They released two singles back then, but their album never surfaced until now. With their rights reclaimed, the songs from that era are finally getting their deserved recognition.

Musically, "When This Time is Over" encapsulates the quintessential 90s indie-pop vibe that Giant Killers excel at. The track opens with a nostalgic yet fresh guitar riff, setting a warm and inviting tone. Wortley's vocals are both tender and resonant, delivering lyrics that reflect on universal and timeless themes. The song's production, though rooted in its 90s origins, feels remarkably contemporary, bridging the gap between past and present seamlessly.

The backstory of "When This Time is Over" adds a fascinating layer to the track. It was the first song Giant Killers wrote, created on a guitar owned by the legendary Butch Vig. As Michael Brown recounts, they often stayed in artist manager Simon Gunning's office after hours, where the warmth and the sight of Vig’s guitar inspired them. This connection to Vig, known for his work with Garbage and Nirvana, adds a touch of rock history magic to the song.

The reception from the modern-day music press has been overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the band’s "timeless appeal" and "deft songwriting charm." The single exemplifies these qualities, offering a blend of melodic richness and lyrical depth that resonates across generations.

Looking ahead, Giant Killers have announced a string of single releases throughout 2024, starting with "When This Time is Over." The band’s enthusiasm is palpable as they share their long-held vision with the world, now finally seeing it embraced.

Giant Killers have crafted a track that is both a nod to their storied past and a beacon for their future. With their heartfelt lyrics, captivating melodies, and the nostalgic warmth of their sound, they prove that some music is simply too good to stay hidden. Check it out now.

Stream "When The Time Is Over" here:


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