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Ginny Vee Releases Ode to Grief: 'Tears in the Rain'

Award-winning singer songwriter Ginny Vee is back with her breathtaking and emotional new single “Tears in the Rain” - a powerful ballad dedicated to anyone who has lost a loved one in life.

Rife with deeply personal lyrics, Ginny created the track after the loss of her grandmother, with the aim of helping her fans to feel less alone when it comes to dealing with the oftentimes overwhelming feeling of losing someone and how, as time goes on, this grief eventually fades.

“Tears in the Rain” creates its introspective melancholic sound with an array of beautifully-blended drum, piano, string, and horn sounds layered upon a strong orchestral melody. Upon creating this sound, Ginny said: ‘My producer came up with the epic orchestral feeling to the track as a stand alone musical piece. The soundstage hit me as a huge emotional rush and I instinctively hummed the title lyric on top of it straight away. The two fit together well so we decided that we should make it into a full song.

‘Listening back to the rough draft, I immediately felt the loss of my grandmother, who had been such an important part of my life. I laid down some ideas about loss, and Steve began to refine them into the lyrics that you hear. He has always been fascinated with the line "Tears in the Rain" from Bladerunner, and felt that this is what the song needed; that reference. We recorded the vocals in my home studio in a day and then felt that the tonality was a little too high when we listened back. So we re-recorded the vocals the next day in a lower key and it all just came together perfectly. Steve polished up the song and we sent it to Sefi Carmel, an Abbey Road engineer to give it that big mix and master.’

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