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GIYA releases infectious new single “4 once”

London raised GIYA is back heartwarming new single "4 once." Her music is a love letter to London, which holds a very big place in her heart. Gritty, urban and free-thinking, her sound will place you into the hustle and bustle of the city. Speaking about this, she shares: “It’s a London sound,” she says. “It doesn’t need to be anything more than that, really. And it’s probably the least-dark song I’ve ever written.”

"4 once" is an irresistible new offering. Playful drums cut through the mix whilst vintage-sounding guitars ebb and flow in between. Her vocals grace the track softly, tinged with emotion and forming a formidable partnership when paired with well-penned lyrics.

Speaking further about the single, she says: “London is a peculiar place, and I feel the young people often want different things to the old, it’s that battle between change and conservatism. I can speak for my friends and people my age that we are pushing for a far more inclusive place in general, whereas it seems the powers that be always want the opposite.

But in the summer, something happens to the city I have always felt, that the good wins, the music wins and the general vibes just win. It’s truly like nothing else. 4 once is my love note to the city, but mainly to those dancers and the baskers, and I want 4 once to be that tune that is reminiscent of those times when the sun seems to heal all your problems.”

Her upcoming E.P “Odd Fish,” is a huge step forward for GIYA. This offering is a blend of old and new and her producer in Brighton, Scoop Monty, has helped enormously behind the scenes.“It’s really, really raw. It’s honest, and it doesn’t beat around the bush. It feels like a bold move, one that doesn’t give me anywhere to hide. It’s brutal at times, but I’m really, really proud of it.

Backed by Jess Iszatt on BBC Introducing London, festivals such as Glastonbury, Victorious and 2000 Trees have all taken note. GIYA is quickly rising to become an exciting artist in the UK.

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