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Good Rzn's 'Hold On, The World Is Spinning' is a refreshing addition to your playlist.

Good Rzn, an alternative pop duo comprised of vocalist Josie Molasky and producer Tommy Ghirardini, are both influenced by the music they grew up listening to. Drawing inspiration from their favourite artists, the duo created a unique style that flawlessly merges pop, rock, and electronic music. Despite their novice in the scene, the pair are a creative force to be reckoned with, producing music that resonates and appeals to a wide audience. Their latest single ‘'Hold On, The World Is Spinning' is a well-crafted DIY pop tune that combines rhythmic guitar, booming bass, mellow vocals, and, of course, intimate lyricism.

Talking of the track, Good Rzn had to share:

‘’Hold On, The World Is Spinning’ is an important song to us because it talks about our lives in a more personal way than any other song we've released. The lyrics refer to some of the experiences we've had that inspired the song. ‘

While the LA-based duo's previous two singles from 2021, 'Sleep Talking' and 'Rebound,' garnered positive feedback from fans and the press, Good Rzn has no plans to stop there. Listen to 'Hold On, The World Is Spinning,' their new pop single, which is available now.



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