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  • Erika Wynn

Gorus Releases His Debut Album "Future Soul"

Los Angeles-based artist Gorus (Ethan Tryer), recently unveiled his debut album titled "Future Soul" signifying a rebirth and artistic evolution. The album, featuring the standout track 'Never Was, Never Will,' showcases Gorus' reflective nature and his knack for infusing a novel touch into alternative rock.

Following a series of misfortunate events, "Future Soul" represents a turning point for Gorus, embodying the transformative influence of embracing change and finding stability. The album presents a blend of alternative rock, acoustic elements, Gorus' distinctive vocals, funky synths, and enigmatic vibes. The song 'Never Was, Never Will' incorporates mellotron flutes, soothing yet haunting sounds, both electric and acoustic guitars. Drawing inspiration from John Wilde's painting 'Muss es Sein? Es Muss Sein!', the track explores the dichotomy between restriction and liberation. Gorus, who is also a recognized visual artist, enhances "Future Soul" with animations for several songs.

Gorus successfully merges his curious mind and abstract introspections with the accessibility of his earlier releases (under his previous name, Amina) to create a new beginning and a new era of maturity.  With an unwavering commitment to his unique vision, Tyrer stands as an artist on the brink of something extraordinary.

"Future Soul" is now available on all streaming platforms.


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