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Grace McLean explores a diverse endeavour for 'My Lovely Enemy'

Notorious for her ability to blend a multitude of diverse aesthetics under one roof, Grace McLean has been seen as one of the more adventurous names coming out of New York in recent years. With many of her contributions to the 'In The Green' cast recording racking up millions of streams each, her reputation for unpredictability in her performances has been well-founded. And with her presence making its mark once again, she continues that inventive spirit on her latest LP 'My Lovely Enemy'.

What feels most previlant on this new album is her ability to adjust her vocals to suit the enigmatic nature of this new material. With the alt-pop innovation behind 'Reckless' giving her this spritely persona, while 'Gazelle' sees her explore a more jazz-inspired flow, 'My Lovely Enemy' has this incredibly fluid momentum to it. Never feeling quite the same as it plays, she is able to incorporate a host of different genres together in create this brilliantly sprawling listen.

Her experince as a stage performer can clearly be linked back to some of the more innovative moments on this new colection. Feeling one part commercial and one part experimental from beginning to end, Grace McLean's debut full-length sits as one of the more fascinating outings from the year so far.



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