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Grace & Moji ascent on the dreamy new single 'Monster'

When husband and wife duo Grace & Moji delivered their highly-praised debut single 'Our Love' last month, they were greeted as one of the more exciting names to have emerged so far this year. And while the dust still hasn't quite settled around their buzz just yet, they look to continue their ascent with the dreamy new single 'Monster'.

Much like what we got to hear on 'Our Love', this new outing continues their exploration of rich and euphoric sun-kissed aesthetics once again. Dabbling in a wonderful bright and sweeping arena for their latest release, 'Monster' sees them build upon those initial ideas and return with something just as fun and enjoyable.

With their profile still rising and a new EP also on the way, Grace & Moji are quickly becoming a name brimming with almost unending potential. With such a warm and inviting approach to their songwriting throughout this new gem, we are more than a little excited about what they have on the horizon as well.

Enjoy 'Monster' below.



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