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Grace & Moji return with the wondrous new single 'Tipping Point'

When they first emerged earlier this year with their breakthrough debut single 'Our Love', husband-and-wife duo Grace & Moji instantly made their mark as one of the more exciting names to have emerged in 2023. Their follow-up 'Monster' added yet more fuel to their buzz, and now they are looking to make it three-for-three with their wondrous new offering 'Tipping Point'.

Adopting a more tender aesthetic this time around, their newest outing marks their most passionate and heartfelt release to date. With their dual vocals shining upon a rich and alluring production from start to finish, 'Tipping Point' showcases some brilliantly captivating songwriting with the pair continuing their vibrant ascent throughout.

They may still be at the very start of their career right now, but with a repertoire this incredible already, it feels like Grace & Moji are destined for greatness. 'Tipping Point' stands as a mesmerising effort that continues their reputation for fresh and euphoric endeavours once again.

Enjoy 'Tipping Point' below.



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