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Greek Experimental Pop Artist Lia Hide Returns With New Single 'Proposal'

Greek Avant-Pop artist Lia Hide returns with the breath taking new single ‘Proposal’. Accompanied by an equally spell binding video, the EMI-Universal Alumni solidifies her status as one of the most exciting names on the Greek Art-Pop scene.

The tracks dark, Kate Bush-esque, atmospheric backdrop floats dreamily under Lia’s reverb soaked, effortlessly affecting, effortlessly precise and haunting vocals. Opening with a seemingly gentle pacing and soft backing, the track makes a clever, unexpected and hugely pleasing development with a choppy, uptempo beat entering the fray, picking up the track's momentum and pulling it in a different direction. It's this kind of innovative writing and musical decision making which makes Lia such an exciting prospect as an artist.

Speaking on ‘Proposal and the upcoming new album Lia said:

“The new album borrows its title from Plato's 'Timeaus' dialogue opening line, and

discusses the emotional struggles of the recent Covid19 pandemic and lockdowns,

human mortality, and the modern man's place in the Universe.

‘Proposal’ was the very first song I wrote for the new album and made me focus my head on completing a fourth album. It's entitled "proposal" as I wanted to ‘propose’ to my band (Aki and George) that we start working on a new album, and also, I wanted this new sound, in my head, to become a reality.

I first came up with the idea for this track back in 2019, before the Covid pandemic and quarantine, and before we embarked on our big (and last) European Tour in the Fall of 2019, I just had not figured out the lyrics of it, yet. I keep replying ‘Ι do’ to various sentences I utter, especially from the second verse and on, and I felt like I, well, since no-one is going to put up with me, I will marry myself.. Mrs Jekyll, me being Mrs Hide.”

Taken from the upcoming new 8 track album ‘The Missing Fourth Guest’ the new single ‘Proposal’ is out now via Conch Town Records.



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