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  • Alice Smith

Hardcore Punk Band Down With Rent Drops Latest EP 'Shithead Americana'

Connecticut hardcore punk band ‘Down With Rent’ releases their highly anticipated EP ‘Shithead Americana’, the 4-track EP acts as social commentary to the political and sociological issues facing the US.

Backed by a barrage of distorted guitars, riff-laden breakdowns, thunderous drum grooves and impassioned vocal performances, Down With Rent utilises an angry no-nonsense approach to their songwriting, opting for short punchy tracks that get straight to the point. The opening track ‘2008 Again’ is a prime example of this as the band takes aim at the increasing commercialization of nostalgia in an attempt to distract working people from the multitude of problems facing them. Other themes on the EP include the growing cost of living crisis that’s exacerbated in a ‘debt trap’ system along with the multitude of issues caused by a growing far-right, misogynist portion of the population.

Down With Rent explains the EP further: “Thematically we are the angriest we have ever been. These songs are in direct response to the ever-growing wave of white, Christian nationalism that seeks to torture and eradicate trans and queer communities, maintain white supremacist power structures and systems, perpetuate US global hegemony, and feed the American military-industrial complex with endless war. Essentially there exists a regressive, bigoted, hateful, and terrified cultural wave sweeping across middle-class America that has been gaining even more power over the last decade.”

Down With Rent is a four-piece hardcore punk band from central Connecticut. Their abrasive, crusty brand of punk rock has rung throughout bars, basements, abandoned buildings, tattoo shops, and skate parks up and down the east coast since 2013. Unapologetically political and strictly DIY in their approach they emulate the American hardcore bands of old but with a distinctly modern, metallic edge. Their fierce dedication to blistering live performances and an inclusive, socially conscious message has earned them a dedicated group of fans throughout the US. Down With Rent has previously shared the stage with the likes of ‘G.B.H’, ‘La Armada’ and ‘Sick Of It All’.

1. 2008 Again

2. Shithead Americana

3. Pay to Exist

4. Born Again Fascist



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