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Harri Pick drops new E.P “Dangerous Nostalgia”

Despite being born in Somerset, Harri Pick moved to London in an attempt to launch her music career - and what a journey it’s been. Studying at the The London College of Music, Pick would go on to musically find herself and in the city, and allow London to mould and develop her sound.

Her latest offering comes in the form of new E.P “Dangerous Nostalgia.” Featuring two previous singles, the E.P shines a light on new track “Big Tantrum Kids.” With larger-than-life instrumentation and heartwarming vocals, “Dangerous Nostalgia” is sure to pick you up and leave you wanting more. The E.P also features a demo version of “Broke,” which provides a different dynamic to the E.P.

Speaking about the E.P she says: “I asked my dad for money for my birthday. He asked me how much I wanted and instead gave me £1. The EP is basically about that.”

With a sold out show at the legendary Dublin Castle in Camden, it’s clear that Pick is also gathering a loyal gig-going audience. We think 2023 will be a big year for her.

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